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A Great Roofer Greenwich CT is Right Here


Need to work with a reliable roofing company that gets the job done in a timely manner? And works so well that they are constantly referred to other colleagues for construction services? Fairfield County Roofing & Construction is the best company for you then! Our company has held strong through the last several years and we’d love to continue to impress the residents in Greenwich and the surrounding cities in Fairfield County.

There’s a lot of competition out there though, and many construction companies have the same name as our organization! You’ll find that a roofer Greenwich CT and outdoor living company are a dime a dozen in this great state of ours. What you need to know as a consumer is two things before buying with any of these companies. First of all, it’s important for you to know the tell tale signs of a lackluster roofing and construction company. You’ll find that many companies will promise the moon, but will ultimately underdelivery for an assortment of reasons. Then, it’s important for you to know the qualities of a great construction and roofing organization.

Signs of a Lackluster Roofer Greenwich CT


They Aren’t Concerned With Tight Schedules


There’s a myriad of dilemmas with this problem. For one thing, a business that isn’t intentionally and specific with their schedule, is likely relaxed with other important details. When you see that half of all businesses fail within the first five years, you find that a lot of businesses are engaged in juggling, rather than precise maneuvering.

When businesses aren’t specific with their schedule, they will show up late to appointments. This is always a little bit infuriating to customers, but they deal with it because it’s the “polite” thing to do. When a roofer Greenwich CT doesn’t lay out a realistic, tight schedule with their crews or subcontractors, and doesn’t communicate this plan clearly with customers, miscommunication occurs and frustration comes about because multiple parties are not on the same page. This is why having a contractor who maintains a great schedule is crucial to satisfaction.


They Are Also Relaxed on Pricing


If you talk with enough roofer Greenwich CT companies, you’ll find that prices vary widely and people just make up a “good price” because of experience. There’s very little that’s methodical or broken down or mapped out so that the customer is given a fair price AND the business can profit well. With a healthy company, the pricing needs to be something that isn’t deceiving. It should be a price that’s reasonable for the customer, based on the competition’s prices, and also helps the business continue to grow and thrive. But when most business owners aren’t great with their schedule and are making up prices on the spot, these great qualities aren’t guaranteed.


All Signs Lead to Poor Quality and Few Reviews


When contractors aren’t timely with their work, they don’t follow documented processes and policies and aren’t being real methodical with their pricing, it all leads to poor quality work. Whenever you Google for a roofer Greenwich CT, you don’t find many contractors who have a ton of 5-star reviews. If anything, you’ll only find a couple companies with a lot of great reviews and fanfare online. And when the statistics show that more than 80% of customers read reviews before making a purchasing decision, you would think that more companies would focus on doing good enough work to get great reviews, right? Not so much.

Core Values of Fairfield County Roofing & Construction


With our company, we clearly understand the realities of the contracting world. It’s filled with a lot of one-man shows and guys who think they know a few things about construction. At Fairfield County Roofing & Construction, we go above and beyond what’s typical for a roofer Greenwich CT. You can find a lot of the helpful differences in our “Why Us” page, but here, we’ll break down some core values we have about our company that you can see on a regular basis.


Committed to Excellence


At every level of work, we want to be committed to excellence. When it comes to contracting, that’s actually pretty easy! All excellence really takes is for us to do more and serve more than what’s found in the typical roofer Greenwich CT. Whenever you call us, you’ll reliably talk with someone the first time and schedule a specific appointment. Then, one of our team members will actually make the appointment on time and won’t try and sell you things you don’t need. Then our guys will execute work in a timely manner and won’t leave until the job is totally up to your satisfaction. That’s what a company of excellence looks like!


Follow the Proven Pathway


We understand that excellence comes only with great planning. Any well-run business knows that they must review the expenses and income on a weekly basis to stay profitable. They must have daily huddles with their team to keep them in-check and motivated to do a great job. They must hold weekly meetings to continually train and mentor their people (because nowadays, mentorship is management). Finally, we must always follow the documented, best practice plans and processes. We don’t adhere to our own proven rules for executing great work, then we’ll never be able to make it to our goals! Furthermore, we won’t be able to consistently provide you with high quality work and service, no matter how big we get.


Customer Satisfaction


We can’t keep doing the great work we do if we don’t satisfy our customers. That’s just a simple fact about growing and thriving in business! Understand that our guys have been with us for almost a decade now because of the great work we’ve been able to do. They stay committed to working with us because they know that they can consistently provide awesome work for people, and that gives us a lot of satisfaction and fulfillment. So that means your satisfaction in quality work gives us meaning in life! What a novel idea!

Are you loving all these core values for Fairfield County Roofing & Construction? Then it’s as simple as giving us a call today and you’ll thoroughly enjoy the work we do.